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  • (How To Fix) TikTok Link Opens In Safari Instead Of The App On iPhone

    In today’s social media guide, I will show you how to fix Tiktok link opens in Safari instead of the App on iPhone , I believe after going through this article” you will learn how to that within few minutes. Obviously some of our Apple iPhone users are finding it very difficult to understand and make use of the […]

  • H series Dell Latitude laptops are manufactured with respect for the environment

    in light of Earth Day, the Dell Technologies launches new products and sustainable materials to help address the growing issues of waste and the limitations of resources.   These new products and materials are based on the recent revelation of Dell for the Concept of Luna, an ambitious prototype that explores revolutionary ideas, design for the reduction […]

  • Significant growth in the market of refurbished smartphones

    Significant growth in the market of refurbished smartphones The market for refurbished smartphones grew by 15% in 2021, compared with the previous year, outstripping the growth of 4,5% of the market of new smartphoned. The Counterpoint Research reports that the refurbished units have gained popularity both among consumers and manufacturers smartphone. The cost savings is a big […]

  • Great features of the iPhone that you probably don’t use (but should)

    Watch someone else uses his iPhone for a few minutes and you will quickly discover that they are a lot of things quite differently from you. You may discover some interactions that you’ve never seen before, and you probably have a lot of proposals for these. It is not surprising that the average iPhone user […]

  • H portable analog camera comes in two new colors

    This year, the Polaroid praise you with even more ways creativity on the go launching the camera pocket-two new bold colors, Black and Red, and with new additions with a focus on the creator: a set of filters for pictures with blue, red, or orange tint, and instant film with a matte black frame for a striking artistic effect. […]

  • HUAWEI P50 Pro Test (See Our Test Results)

    Those who believed that the Huawei will put a brake on innovative proposals in the category of flagship mobile will probably be surprises… The family P Series Huawei is distinguished by an enviable path in the space of a premium smartphone, raising the bar of photography via a mobile ever higher with each of the state. What if she […]

  • With the Nokia G11 and Nokia G21 You Won’t Ever Bother About Battery Life

    Nokia G11 and Nokia G21 Battery Life Is Incredible The HMD Global, the representative company of Nokia mobile phones, announces the start of sales of the new smartphones in the G-series, Nokia G11 and Nokia G21. The legendary Nokia phones are known for the durability of the battery and these Nokia smartphones are no exception. […]

  • Samsung Galaxy A21 Series Is Here With A Lowered Price (See New Price)

    Samsung Galaxy A21 Series Lowered Price They tend to become particularly liked the refurbished smartphones and the Apple last month introduced the new program with the addition of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. The well-known company selling refurbished models with a discount of approximately 15% in comparison with new models. Now, Samsung also unveiled the range flagship […]

  • Here comes the Realme 9 5G in Europe, Know It’s Value/Worth Now

    Three new members added to the Realme in the numbered series of devices of the middle class, with the Realme 9 5G is one of the things that occurred last. This phone is rumored now that will arrive in Europe soon, and some retailers have created entries for this. Such a list was leaked, and he claims […]

  • The 3nm chips of TSMC coming to the market soon

    In the TSMC know that resort to many leading companies such as MediaTek, and Apple Silicon in terms of their chips and now the giant manufacturing semiconductor announced that it will start mass production of 3nm processors of the second half of 2022 (H2 2022). Exclusive report the website Digitimes, reports that the CEO of TSMC in a Press briefing that was […]